Guest Spotlight - David and Steve Redden

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We meet so many guests at SECU Family House who we know from the moment we meet them that they will be life-long friends of ours. Such is the case with recent guests, David Redden and his brother, Steve. Hailing from Boonville, North Carolina in Yadkin County, David was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall after an original diagnosis of bladder cancer a while back. For six weeks, David went to UNC Hospitals five days a week for radiation treatment. Steve was at his side acting as his older brother’s support and primary caretaker in case something went awry. Thankfully, nothing did and they were able to return to their respective homes several weeks later.

Like with so many of our guests who stay here for any length of time, David and Steve quickly found themselves in a comfortable and yes, predictable routine. Wake up in their Pine room,  eat breakfast, do some reading, head off to UNC Hospitals, eat lunch, and then engage in whatever the afternoon brought their way. Some days they helped us out by folding laundry. On Tuesdays, David could be found in the main kitchen, acting as one of the baker’s sous chefs.  It was this predictable routine that many of us looked forward to each day and when we didn’t see one of them in their usual spots here, we wondered where they were.

Asked what staying in our hospitality house meant to them, David shared that “this is the most beneficial thing to happen for people who must undergo any medical treatment that requires them to stay somewhere for any length of time.  You’re treated like family here.  It takes a huge burden off your mind.”

Younger brother Steve shared, “It’s just like being at home.  You have everything you need right here.  People are “fantabulous.”  We’re thankful for everyone who donates.”

Admittedly, it was a bit sad when we had to say “goodbye” to our newest friends.  The one consolation being that David will be back in a couple of months for follow-up appointments.  We’re hoping that Steve is by his side as he has been for his big brother throughout his journey.  We wish this retired hotelier (David) and his retired physical education teacher brother, Steve, the absolute best as we look forward to sharing that next cup of coffee with them.


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