January 2023 Edition of eNews

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From the Desk of Executive Director - Janice McAdams

Beginning this new year, won’t you join me in a new look ‘under the hood’ at Family House?

We are planners, both short and long-term and our passion is in these pockets: talent, operations and strategic initiatives...

Talent is our people: staff, guests and volunteers. We train and encourage each other, offering sessions on safety courses, databases, and enjoy parties that help us bond as we cook and play games to name a few.  Our focus is always on how to keep our guests comfortable, our volunteers engaged, and our staff prepared for each day.

Operations is our umbrella word for how Family House works: do our facilities staff have the materials they need, do the housekeepers understand how critical their role is in everyday life at the House, do our House managers grasp their key role in answering guest questions, problem solving and being the ‘face’ of Family House to each new guest?

Strategy initiatives are tool kits of plans for community outreach, support for House expenses, events to raise money and planning for the long view of new projects, plus outreach to contacts that will keep the House functioning regardless of economy dips.

If this makes your head spin, then you know we are busy.   Yet remember these activities are spread out over a 365-day year with active staff and Board members who own our mission and are actively involved.


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