Monique McKithen

Monique hails from New Jersey and earned her BA degree in Sociology from Shaw University, Raleigh, NC.  She went on to complete her educator's license coursework at the Graduate School of Education at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.  Monique comes to SECU Family House after spending time in Education.  Monique is a licensed educator who taught English in the high school setting.  Monique spent six years directing an Emergency Housing shelter in Raleigh, NC, growing the program from a 30 unit congregate living situation to 70 individual apartments throughout Raleigh.  Monique has Property Management experience at Westcliff Properties in Trenton, NJ where she managed a small garden complex. 

Monique raised her three children in the Garner, NC area and now enjoys doting over her two grandchildren.  Monique loves to travel in her spare time and considers herself a "Wanderer" having visited Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, Mexico, The US Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic and a host of other places.  Monique is an avid reader, enjoys the arts, volunteers for various political/social causes, and loves spending quality time with her loved ones.  Monique loves to do her "Heart's Work" and feels that she will be able to continue that dream at Family House.

You can reach Monique at 919-932-8019 or at