We're a winner! TBJ Corporate Philanthrophy Award

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We are honored to be recognized with the Triangle Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Award honoring area nonprofits and the corporate citizens (companies and individuals) that support them through philanthropy, volunteerism, board support and corporate partnerships. "Support for our gu… Read More

Guest Spotlight: Special Family Here

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"I have a special family here,” says Iris Curry, a retired elementary school teacher from Murfreesboro, NC. Iris has been coming to Family House on and off since 2008, and has become an integral part of our SECU Family House extended family. A successful heart and kidney tra… Read More

Volunteer of the Year Nominations

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Nominations for the Annual SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals Volunteer of the Year Award are officially open!  Volunteers are a critical part of the network of support for Family House guests. Volunteers cook, clean, organize, entertain, fold laundry, haul groceries, staff the front de… Read More

Guest Spotlight: "While here, why not help?"

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On a recent weekday morning, LaTanya Nixon was in the kitchen, prepping a turkey for our house guests. She had looked on the meal calendar and noticed that no one had signed up to prepare dinner for our guests the following night. Mixing a concoction of spices that included cinnamon, no less… Read More

Safe and secure

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“You never think something bad will happen to you, especially when you feel strong and healthy.” In 2008, this is what Marie Perez was thinking when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. A long-time resident of Miami, Florida, this retired pre-school teacher was totally d… Read More

40 rooms for 40 nights!

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Thank you to all who supported our 40-day giving challenge – we surpassed our goal, raising enough to cover 40 rooms for 40 nights! Gifts from more than 250 generous friends were matched by our challenge donors, dollar for dollar, to raise nearly $140,000. We appreciate all who partic… Read More

Gifts from the heart

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Eight-year-old Larkin, from Jacksonville, North Carolina, recently decided that she wanted to do something special for our guests. With a little help from her mom, Susan, she put together a box full of holiday treat bags and then dropped them off with her family. As we’ve gotten to kn… Read More

Guest Spotlight: Heartwarming Valentines

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The journey that leads many of our guests to Family House is oftentimes a long and unpredictable one.  Life can be going fine at one moment and then be turned completely upside down the next moment.  Seventeen years ago, Martha Valentine was diagnosed with tongue cancer while she … Read More

Gratitude from Our Guests

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In this season of Thanksgiving, we’d like to share thoughts of gratitude from some of our guests. Each morning after the first pots of coffee are consumed and our guests make their way to UNC Hospitals, one thing that lingers is a spirit of gratitude – a spirit that has grown ri… Read More