Legacy Family Membership FAQ

Planned gifts are often donations that are deferred until death. Your planned giving has the most potential to be transformational for our organization because they may be your largest gift to Family House. Please think of us during your estate planning just as you will your other cherished non-profits.

Is there a minimum gift level for membership?
No, there is no minimum gift level at this time.

Must the dollar amount be revealed or estimated?
The dollar amount does not need to be revealed unless the donor wants recognition for that amount at this time. We do ask for copies of % of beneficiary forms if possible, but we do not need amounts.
In addition, we prefer to be able to review the language from the documents that are creating the gift to make sure that there is no confusion as to your charitable aims and our ability to deliver on such aims. We are not asking to see all of your will or trust, but we do like to be able to review the particular paragraph or two related to your gift to the Family House. We take the privacy of our donors very seriously and will always strive to protect your privacy and anonymity where requested.

What evidence of the gift is required to gain Legacy Family membership?
Please complete the Confirmation of Legacy Gift Form and send it to Martha via martha@secufamilyhouse.org

Will any type of planned gifts qualify?
The types accepted are described here with the caveat that our ED and BOD reserve the final decision of acceptance.

May the gift be a future interest?

May the gift be either revocable or irrevocable?
Yes, it can be either revocable or irrevocable.

Will you accept gifts of real estate where there is more than one owner (e.g. Bequest of a beach house with ½ interest to Family House and ½ interest to child)?
In general, we will not accept such a gift. If you wish to donate real estate to Family House upon your death, full ownership should go to the Family House. We will, however, accept a gift of real estate during life where the owner reserves the right to live in the house for the remainder of his or her life (this is often called a “life estate”).

Must the gift be endowed?
No. Your gift may be directed to our Unrestricted Fund, which allows us the flexibility to apply your gift in the way it is most needed at Family House.

Is there a minimum age to join the Legacy Family?
No. There is no minimum age.

Can the gift be anonymous?
If anonymity is coordinated and protected by your estate, Family House does not need to know your identity. If your identity is known to Family House but your estate instructs us to protect your anonymity from the public, we will do so.

Will survivors of the original donor be included as members?
We are happy to include survivors as Legacy Family members as long as they are listed on the recognition form.

What benefits do Legacy Family members enjoy?
Words are not enough to show our gratitude for your future support. We would like to recognize your legacy of generosity by honoring you in our Impact Report, inviting you to a donor appreciation event, naming you on our website as a Legacy Family member, and other acts of recognition.