Volunteer Spotlight: Musicians

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       Music soothes souls. Since 2009, Family House has staged hundreds of performances for guests in genres that include gospel, bluegrass, classical, and West African folk music. UNC glee clubs are crowd-pleasers, as are magicians. An Andy Griffith impersonator even c… Read More

Guest Spotlight: Doreen Berryman

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Three years ago, Doreen Berryman was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a non-cancerous tumor that affects hearing and balance. Following surgery to remove the tumor at UNC Hospitals, she had a grand mal seizure that left her partially paralyzed on her right side. What makes this psychiatri… Read More

Guest Spotlight: Michael and Sylvia Latil

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Family House guests Michael and Sylvia Latil live in Aberdeen, North Carolina – a town in Moore County that's known for its longleaf pines, renowned golf courses, railroads, artists, and historians.  This past March, Michael was diagnosed with human papillomavirus (HPV) positive t… Read More

Guest Spotlight: Brian & Lorien Borowski

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As it has been oftentimes shared, no two days are ever alike here at SECU Family House. While the day’s routines are ever-evolving and the rooms quickly fill up, what remains a welcomed constant is the ebb and flow of guests who grace our hospitality house each day.  We are so gra… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Lynne Jacobs

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There is satisfaction in doing simple tasks which add up to the larger mission we have at SECU Family House.  This mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, affordable home for patients and their loved ones who travel great distances to UNC Hospitals for life-saving procedures and seri… Read More

Guest Spotlight: Jackie Turner

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It is the mission of SECU Family House to provide a “safe, affordable home for patients and their loved ones who travel great distances to UNC Hospitals for life-saving procedures and serious illness.” Family House guest Jackie Turner is no different. Once a month for the past s… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Ross

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  Persistence Pays Off It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week at Family House! There is no way we can adequately express in words how thankful we are to the many volunteers who helped us through a challenging year in house history. Our volunteers give of themselves freely and make a v… Read More

We did it! The Pine Wing Ribbon Cutting

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We did it! After over 5 years of planning, $10.3 million raised and over two years of construction, the ribbon has been cut and the 36 rooms of our new Pine Wing are ready to welcome guests in just a few short weeks! Thank you to everyone who joined us for this exciting celebration, and we … Read More

Guest Spotlight: Sharon Dixon

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  Eight years ago, Sharon Dixon was diagnosed with marginal zone lymphoma, a slow-growing heterogeneous group of cells in the immune system that causes the white cell count to go very high. A few years prior, she had been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease in which t… Read More