Fun Family House Activities for Kids!

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Gain a little quiet time with your little ones with this three-page activity pack that includes coloring, a word search and maze, all featuring Family House. Just print and have fun: Family-House-Kids-Activity-Pack.pdf     Read More

Guest Spotlight: From A Guest's Perspective

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Before she headed out to pick up her beloved father, Robert Montgomery, from the hospital, Kim Condie shared these beautiful words about Family House: “My mother and I so appreciate this wonderful place. We love the home atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone here. This place… Read More

Virtual Community Page

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“Social distancing?” We prefer “physical distancing with enhanced social connection!" Despite COVID-19 keeping us physically apart, we’re using technology, coordination, and ingenuity to support one another. In some important ways, we're growing more meaningfully con… Read More

Angels Among Us During COVID-19

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Despite upheaval around the world related to COVID-19, it's not surprising to any of us here that there are angels among us at Family House. Our hearts are exploding with gratitude as we share just some of the acts of kindness we’ve witnessed in the past several weeks: a former Hous… Read More

FAQ: COVID-19 Updates

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** last updated May 4, 2020 ** IS FAMILY HOUSE OPEN? No, not right now. Family House, in coordination with our partner in mission, UNC Health, has made the difficult decision to temporarily close effective Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Please read more about the decision to safeguard our commu… Read More

Guest Spotlight: A Story of Strength

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In the 12 years that we’ve served patients and caregivers, we’ve housed families from all 100 counties in North Carolina, 44 states, and 7 foreign countries. While the need for affordable housing remains high, families come to UNC Hospitals because the level of medical care there… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: A Fresh Start to a Long Day

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Each day begins very early for so many at SECU Family House. The night guard ends the evening’s shift at 6:15 AM as the first staff arrives. Guests are in the kitchen pouring their first cups of coffee. Some return to the House after spending the night at the hospital with their loved … Read More

Protecting Against COVID-19 at Family House

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** A SPECIAL NOTE FROM JANICE McADAMS, FAMILY HOUSE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ON MARCH 26, 2020 ** Nothing is more important to us than our mission to responsibly serve patients and caregivers. During the COVID-19 outbreak, this means preventing viral transmission and taking active measures to sa… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: The Georges

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We cannot say it often enough: we have the best volunteers here at Family House! They are truly the heart of our home and a huge reason why the house operates so seamlessly day after day. Their skill sets are unmatched as they share their heart and soul with everyone who walks through our do… Read More