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Lisa Terry was a wife, mom, grandmother, and a beloved sister.  After fighting chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) for 5 years, she came to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill to take part in a new drug study and subsequently had a bone marrow transplant.

Lisa and many members of her family were able to stay at the SECU Family House during her treatment in Chapel Hill. “This was a godsend for her as she could not afford a stay in a hotel for one night let alone the months her treatment took,” her sister Terri Beasmore explains. Lisa had to give up working when her CLL was not able to be controlled with the chemotherapy treatment she had been receiving.

Terri also comments on the impact to all of her supporting family members “Being able to stay at the SECU House not only gave them a place to stay and rest, but it also gave them the camaraderie of other families going through similar situations. The accommodations at SECU were very comfortable and home-like which was a huge benefit to them and the other families staying there,” Terri adds.

Lisa and Terri’s brother-in-law, Danny Terry, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after Lisa came to Family House. Dedicated to a life of service, Danny was a police officer for the city of Hope Mills, NC for many years.  He went on to work in the Civil Service at Ft Bragg, NC in Environmental Protection. Like Lisa, Danny would need to travel to UNC Hospitals for the chemotherapy and radiation treatment he so desperately needed.

“It was a stressful and, at times, tragic time having two family members go through these horrible diseases at the same time,” states family member, Terri Beasmore. “Having the SECU Family House very close to the hospital and having a place to rest in a home-like atmosphere was a godsend and one less thing to worry about. You just can't imagine how much that meant to all of us.” she says, sharing the impact to their family. 

The effect on another sister, Shelia Keeling was so impactful, that she provided a substantial bequest to Family House in her estate planning— creating a lasting legacy for future families in need of not only a place to stay but a place for respite and a sense of community with other guests.

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