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Originally from White Plains, New York, Joe Moore is a 25-year veteran of three branches of the military—serving his country in the Navy, Marines, and Army. Like too many veterans, Joe experienced injuries that can be more lasting than any visible, physical wounds to their body. After four suicide attempts, the last one being at the VA hospital in the Bronx, he was introduced to the THRIVE program.

The THRIVE (Transforming Health and Resilience in Veterans) Program was established at UNC-Chapel Hill as a community-based clinical outreach program to offer veterans and first responders holistic health care, particularly those who are experiencing the effects of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and musculoskeletal-related conditions.

Joe’s experience with the program was transformative. “In the military talking about it can be a sign of weakness,” he shares. “THRIVE allows you the opportunity to show a side of your vulnerability and being a human and being transparent. In my time with them, I embraced it and let it all go. The staff there was amazing.”

The program begins with a three-day evaluation which leads to a three-week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and any follow-up appointments as needed. Most participants in the program do not live in the local area. They need a place to stay during their treatment program. That’s where Family House comes in...

In the summer of 2023, the THRIVE program and Family House formed a partnership to provide accommodations to the members of the program. They are offered the same amenities as other guests, a nurturing, comfortable environment while undergoing treatment. Also as part of the program, THRIVE teams enjoy the yoga component of the IOP and their graduation ceremonies in the Family House board room!

Joe’s experience at Family House was also a mutually beneficial one. Joe talked about his interactions with other guests, volunteers, and staff, “Everybody helped everybody... No one there made anyone feel like a stranger and that was the beauty of it all.”

Joe’s military hat prompted many conversations. He loved that he could talk to folks, and become friends, sharing, playing chess, and other activities—all the while also giving back to them.

He shares, “Regardless of who you are, no matter where you come from, we are here for you and when you have that, and someone brings you that type of love the only thing you can do is absorb it and give it to someone else. You can't keep it for yourself.”

Family House is honored to provide a nurturing environment for THRIVE program participants and other service members who have selflessly served our country.

To donate for our veterans and military members and their families, click here.

For more information about the THRIVE proogram click here.


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