A Gift of Life Insurance

A simple way to give a significant gift

Giving through life insurance is one of the simplest ways to make a significant contribution to SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals and establish your legacy of giving.

You can designate Family House as the primary or secondary beneficiary of either 100% or some other percentage of the proceeds from the life insurance policy.

Another approach is for you to transfer to Family House the ownership of the policy.  The transfer of the policy is considered a current gift and a charitable tax deduction may be taken, while your continued payment of premiums are each considered charitable contributions, deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Next Steps for Planned Giving through Life Insurance

  1. Determine which of the approaches described above that are best for you: designating Family House as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or transferring policy ownership to Family House.
  2. Work with your life insurance professionals to formalize your decision. 
  3. Contact Martha Aldridge (martha@secufamilyhouse.org) at Family House regarding your gift. Our goal is to make sure that your gift is used as you intend and we strongly encourage you and/or your estate planning professionals to contact us as you are formulating your gift so we may ensure that proper documentation is in place.