40 rooms for 40 nights!

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Thank you to all who supported our 40-day giving challenge – we surpassed our goal, raising enough to cover 40 rooms for 40 nights! Gifts from more than 250 generous friends were matched by our challenge donors, dollar for dollar, to raise nearly $140,000.

We appreciate all who participated, whether inspired by the idea of doubling their impact with matching funds, or by the 40-day countdown of reasons to support Family House. Special thanks to our challenge donors, who collectively contributed $50,000 to match all the donations: The L&N Andreas Foundation, Bertsch Family Charitable Foundation, Carlson Family Foundation, Morris Fine, Karin Gess, Kylie and Clint Harris, Janet and Paul McCarthy, and Peg Perlman.

Our room rates are $45 and $60 per night for rooms and suites, and guests pay what they can. Your donations offset our costs to operate the rooms and supplement guest payments, especially for guests who stay for weeks and months at a time. Thank you for your generosity!

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