Celebrating 10 Years of Family House

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It’s tough to imagine Chapel Hill without the warm presence of Family House. A decade ago this month, our grand opening was just on the horizon. Director of House Operations Janice Ross remembers that time well, working around-the-clock with builders toward a Certificate of Occupancy. “With some construction projects,” Janice laughs, “the last 15% might take longer than the first 85%.”


Kathy Yasui-Der, our most veteran Family House staff member, also recalls a bustling January 2008. Furniture was purchased. A house manager, volunteer coordinator, and weekend manager were coming aboard. Everyone was itching to move right into Family House and open its doors to our first guests and their families.

Since 2008, more than 20,000 patients and their loved ones have experienced safe and affordable comfort as Family House guests. We hope you – our wonderful community of donors, volunteers, guests, staff, and friends – can reflect and celebrate.


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