Family House Diaries: The Power of Live Music at Family House

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The powerfully positive impact that music has on the human brain is no secret. Research has shown time and time again how it can shape one’s mood. Music can motivate. It can also help you concentrate, making you smarter and happier.*

Since opening our doors nearly ten years ago, SECU Family House guests have enjoyed front row seats to some amazing live music. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of our recently departed Entertainment Coordinator, George Spencer, myriad performers have graced our hospitality house and shared their passion for music with guests.

Up Cane Creek

On a recent winter evening, we sat down with George and members of local bluegrass band “Up Cane Creek” to chat about what they experienced firsthand with guests.

“Music at night is an unexpected treat,” George tells us. “It’s an after-dinner sweet after a long day at the hospital. You can tell that music soothes the soul. Family House has souls that need soothing. It’s a vital, albeit temporary, escape for the guests. It’s a wonderful thing to see so many people happy.”

Band members Michael Paris and Ebeth Scott-Sinclair agree that music “allows guests to take a moment away from their illnesses to something positive. You can see in their faces the calming and soothing effects. We’re amazed at the courage we see in their faces.”  Ebeth describes bringing live music to Family House as a gift to our guests, as many can travel only to and from the hospital while here. “Music raises them up,” Ebeth explains. “It’s a connection to home for many of them. It’s that communication through music that sometimes we can’t find the words for. We get so much inspiration from the guests.”

For the past seven years, George has arranged nearly 80 nights a year of live music for our visiting patients and their families. Up Cane Creek, a guest favorite, has performed here more than three dozen times during this period. As we transition to a new Entertainment Coordinator, live music will continue to play a significant role at Family House, bringing moments of bliss and an albeit brief reprieve from health concerns. 

We thank George for his volunteer service at Family House. Before departing for his new role in New Hampshire, he summed up the value of music like this: “Music takes people’s cares away. It makes you happy and allows you to forget about your problems. It’s a vital escape for the guests.” We couldn’t agree more.

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