Family House welcomes Liz Buchman as Director of Community Relations and Events

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This month's note is bittersweet. I am proud to welcome a new member of our new Family House community, and I wish another member of our community the best as she moves to other endeavors.
Liz Buchman is our new Director of Community Relations and Events. Liz brings a variety of strong skills to this role: far-reaching community networks, creative and artistic abilities, plus a background in retail, entrepreneurship, banking and art. 
Liz has been a long-time volunteer at Ronald McDonald House following an illness of one of her sons, so she truly understands not only our care for our guests, but the importance of building community, including our strong and able volunteers, and our energetic staff.
Liz is replacing Yvonne Knutson, who will be leaving us at the end of April to begin a new phase of her life -- a different chapter full of friends, sports, and fun, including Details & Deadlines, her new company. While we will miss Yvonne dearly, we are excited for her new endeavors.
Wish Liz a warm, Family House welcome by emailing her today.
Yvonne will remain involved in our Family House community, so "goodbye" is not an appropriate word. Wish Yvonne a warm "see you soon."


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