Gratitude from Our Guests

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In this season of Thanksgiving, we’d like to share thoughts of gratitude from some of our guests.

Each morning after the first pots of coffee are consumed and our guests make their way to UNC Hospitals, one thing that lingers is a spirit of gratitude – a spirit that has grown richer and deeper with each passing year since we opened our doors in 2008. In this season of Thanksgiving, we’d like to share thoughts of gratitude from some of our guests.

“It was good not to have to worry about where I would sleep at night and there was always food, even if I was too exhausted to stop and pick something up.”  Carrie K., caregiver, Fayetteville, NC

“We really needed a safe place to rest, take care of hospital tasks, and for us both to begin to adjust to the new realities surgery has brought for us both.  SECU Family House is a class act, well managed and with a warm heart.”  Garry V., patient, Morganton, NC

“Not only was our son welcomed with open arms by you and the House staff, but he met many people residing there that encouraged him and made him feel a part of the collective healing process.”  Sherry M, mother, caregiver, Raleigh, NC

“A large part of beating cancer is to have a positive attitude. Family House certainly helped my cousin overcome the adversity of his diagnosis and  treatment with your loving care and concern.”  Denise L., cousin of patient, Taylorsville, NC

“Every time Carole goes off on a trip to UNC Hospitals, I know that when she gets to stay in the SECU House, she could not be in a better place.”  Pat T., partner of patient, Hampstead, NC

“I just don’t know what I would have done without the resources of the SECU Family House.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.”  Angelia A., caretaker, Lumberton, NC

“Without your caring and concern for my wife Cindy, we do not believe we could have traveled this journey.”  Chuck C., caretaker, Raleigh, NC

“Thanks to all of you for making me feel part of your family.”  Gail H., caretaker, Supply, NC

“The many blessings shown to us are priceless: the meals, the staff, the beautiful building, and the laundry.”  Charlotte S., caregiver, Wilmington, NC

We like this definition of gratitude: “the memory of the heart” (from Jean Baptiste Massieu, pioneer deaf educator).  In other words, thankfulness is how we can show with our hearts that we remember what has been done for us. All of us at SECU Family House are thankful to our guests for their many heartfelt expressions of gratitude.


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