Guest Spotlight: Doreen Berryman

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Three years ago, Doreen Berryman was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a non-cancerous tumor that affects hearing and balance. Following surgery to remove the tumor at UNC Hospitals, she had a grand mal seizure that left her partially paralyzed on her right side.

What makes this psychiatric nurse from Louisburg, North Carolina so remarkable is her resilience and the love that surrounds her; the love from her devoted husband of 30 years, George, and love from her good friends like Marcy Cascio. Marcy and George were her “people” when Doreen had to learn how to walk, speak, and write all over again. Recently, Marcy stayed with Doreen at Family House while she prepared to participate in a seizure clinic at UNC Hospitals – a clinic that would ultimately determine the next course of treatment.

What initially drew us to Doreen and Marcy was how friendly and relaxed they appeared when we first met them in the kitchen. They told us that our hospitality house feels so “welcoming and that people are so warm and accommodating.” Doreen added that being here made her feel “optimistic” that the next course of treatment will lead to the eventual cessation of her seizures.

As we see with so many of our guests who are guided by faith, hope, and love, having a beautiful and warm place to put your head down at night, surrounded by people who want to help, does make a difference – a difference that leads to healing for both patients and caregivers. For Doreen and Marcy, it is no different.


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    In 2017, my daughter and I spent 6 weeks at SECU House while she had treatment and being there was so healing. It helped to speak and learn from others who faced similar issues and to be housed and fed in such a beautiful, peaceful environment.<br /> How wonderful that you, too, have experienced this amazing place! Blessings for your complete healing!

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