Guest spotlight: Strengthened by respite

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Family House feels like home to many of our guests, and Lee Capehart from Jacksonville, NC, agrees. His wife Consuelo has recently started chemo and radiation treatments for non-hodgkin lymphoma under the care of her medical team that includes Dr. Steven Park and Dr. Satish Gopal. When we met Lee one early morning in our parking lot, he was on his way to spend the day with his wife of 40 years at UNC Hospitals.

Consuelo survived double cancer prior to this recent diagnosis, so this father of five and grandfather of three values Family House as a place to decompress. It’s quiet, it has peace and tranquility, and the staff is great, he tells us.

Lee also appreciates getting to know all the new friends he’s made here. Everyone understands each other here. At a hotel, you don’t have anyone you can talk to. It means a lot to have others to talk with when you’re going through something like this.

This retired marine and fire investigator and currently active Masonic member begins another day, filled with hope, devotion and love, and strengthened by respite at Family House.


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