Meet Capital Campaign Co-Chairs Becky & Bob Woodruff and Maureen O’Connor

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We sat down with our three tireless Capital Campaign co-chairs—Becky and Bob Woodruff and Maureen O’Connor—to learn what about Family House inspires them. 

Becky and Bob Woodruff (left) name SECU Family House, among all the organizations they’ve been involved with, as having the most significant impact on people dealing with critical health issues. Indeed, Family House is a key player in actively addressing patients’ vital needs for safe, affordable lodging and care. Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

For a decade now, Becky has generously donated volunteer energy to Family House, witnessing firsthand the healing impact of providing a warm home and hot meals for our guests. Bob has served on our Board of Directors for many years, including as President of the Board for two, during the most demanding planning stages of the building expansion. Becky humorously shares about her husband, “He believed so much in the mission and the need for more rooms that he volunteered himself and me to help head up the campaign.” Family House will nearly double its 40 rooms to 75 when construction begins this summer.

Maureen O’Connor (right), campaign co-chair with the Woodruffs, lauds Family House’s ability to draw people together. “At a time when discord and partisanship seem to dominate the news,” Maureen shares, “it is inspiring to see hundreds of volunteers coming together at the local community level to support patients and families in a time of need. That’s what Family House is all about.”

Leading the fundraising charge to expand Family House at first made Maureen hesitant. She laughs, remembering, “fundraising is not my favorite thing to do. Like a lot of people, asking for money has never come easy for me; but when you are raising money for a great cause—Family House, and you have a great team helping you—it can be fun!”

For those thinking about giving to the Capital Campaign, the three co-chairs have a message. First: thank you for considering making a gift! Many wonderful organizations compete for philanthropic dollars. Please do remember that Family House is a special place, filling a critical need across North Carolina.

Maureen shares a personal story of her family’s ongoing financial support. “For Tim and me, feeling those butterflies in our stomachs as we made a three-year commitment to Family House was a strong indicator that we had just done the right thing.” She asks that you think about how much you can contribute to the campaign without changing your lifestyle, then stretch farther. You’ll feel the benefits, and patients in need will meaningfully realize them. Becky and Bob agree: “Your gift will be a legacy to thousands of people because thse rooms will be used for many, many years into the future.”

Thanks in large part to the hard work of our campaign co-chairs and steering committee, 88% of the $8 million campaign goal has been met.


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