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Family House is delighted to announce that the John William Pope Foundation of Raleigh, N.C., has donated $30,000 to support our Family Assistance Fund, which ensures that our rates remain affordable for families seeking shelter with us. 

“SECU Family House provides patients and their families an opportunity to be with loved ones at a time when support is so important,” said Joyce Pope, Vice President of the John William Pope Foundation. “We are honored to assist Family House as they lessen the burden for over 2,000 families a year.” 

This generous gift fully covers the cost of one of our 40 rooms for a year and marks the third year of the Foundation’s partnership with Family House to improve the well-being of North Carolina citizens.

The John William Pope Foundation, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, works to improve the well-being of the citizens of North Carolina and the nation through the advancement of individual freedom and personal responsibility. From its first grant in 1986 to the present, the Foundation’s giving has totaled over $100 million, primarily to charities and organizations in North Carolina.


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