Volunteer Appreciation

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The secret sauce at Family House is our smart, dedicated and hardworking group of volunteers. The multitude of tasks they perform each day are vital to our operations, and we are grateful for each person who dedicates themselves to us.

On April 7th at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, we had the pleasure of recognizing our 2016 Volunteer of the Year, Cheryl Batchelor. Allison Worthy, Volunteer Coordinator, described Cheryl the following way:

Cheryl Batchelor

“Cheryl Batchelor is an inspiration to both her colleagues at SECU and to us at SECU Family House, the credit union’s namesake home. She has built a strong reputation for getting the job done whether in the SECU Information Services Department, preparing a meal for guests at SECU Family House, organizing the SECU Information Services Golf Tournament, or serving as the Family House holiday cookie coordinator in her office.

Cheryl always delivers with a huge heart and bright smile. Cheryl was the founder and chairperson of the SECU Information Services Golf Tournament which has raised roughly $75,000 for Family House since 2011. The tournament will enter its 12th year this fall. One year, Cheryl brought her parents to our annual barbeque so they could visit the house and witness for themselves why she is so passionate about supporting our guests and mission. They fully understood their daughter’s passion and were bursting with pride.”

Cheryl was one of five volunteers nominated for this annual award. The other volunteers nominated were Kim Duval, Jean Fetterman (On behalf of Willy, the therapy dog.), Wendy Maxwell and Carmen Woodruff. Cheryl was unable to attend the breakfast but was represented by several SECU employees, including current board member, Lynn Marcin and former board member, Randal Welborn. All volunteers enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast at the Chapel Hill Country Club, while the “Metrognomes,” a string quartet from Chapel Hill, played in the background. Dr. Matt Ewend, Chairperson of our Board of Directors, was there to extend his thanks on behalf of the board and the staff. He noted that “Family House is an overlapping community. There would be no Family House without the volunteers.” We couldn’t agree more!

Working the front desk; data entry; answering phones; folding laundry; gardening; painting; cleaning the kitchen; sorting through donated items from our wish list; being stroked (Thank you pet therapy dogs.); giving directions; making restaurant recommendations; driving guests to the hospital; cooking the best home-cooked meals in town; making signs; making copies; calling hotels; assisting at our fundraisers; giving tours of the House; sharing their musical talents; listening; lending an ear; always putting our guests first. This is but a handful of the many, many things our caring and compassionate volunteers do each day – always with a full heart, always with a smile and always leaving the best of themselves for Family House. As Allison said at the recognition breakfast, “You’ve made Family House a little piece of heaven for our guests.”

We honor our remarkable volunteers and say Thank You, SECU Family House Volunteers for All That You Do!

P.S. Our wholehearted THANKS to Allison Worthy, our exceedingly competent, smart, energetic, hardworking, resourceful and esteemed Volunteer Coordinator. On May 9th we’ll be celebrating her 5 year anniversary with Family House. Our Volunteer Program shines brightly and continues to be so successful thanks to Allison!.

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