Volunteer Spotlight - Brad Richmond

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Volunteer Brad RichmondFamily House Volunteer - Brad Richmond

Brad Richmond's journey with Family House began when he and his wife, Jen, moved to North Carolina four years ago. Upon learning about Family House through an acquaintance, he decided to reach out to our Volunteer Director, Georgie Clemens, with a heartfelt proposal to offer his gifts to run relaxation sessions for our guests. Fast forward to today, and we're celebrating nearly a year of Brad Richmond's volunteer service, where he has brought immense peace to the individuals who participate in his sessions.

What sets Brad apart is his remarkable background as a retired choir director and voice teacher. With an understanding of the physical and neurological benefits of deep breathing and healthy vocalization, he brings a unique skill set to our guests. Having personally experienced the challenges of cancer, with 32 years as a survivor, he intimately understands the stress that often accompanies illness.

In his role at Family House, Brad recognizes that relaxation isn't just a luxury but a necessity, especially for the caregivers who bear the weight of their loved ones' struggles. He estimates that more than half of the participants in his sessions are caregivers, who often develop physical tension from the immense stress they endure.

Brad’s mission in each half-hour session is to provide participants with a toolkit of relaxation exercises. These exercises allow individuals to address the tension that arises from mental stress. He emphasizes the distinction between passive relaxation, like simply putting your feet up and watching TV, and active relaxation, which is designed to identify and alleviate physical tension. His approach ensures that everyone, from patients to caregivers, benefits from directed relaxation.

Brad Richmond's work at Family House embodies the spirit of giving back. His dedication to improving the lives of our guests and their caregivers is truly remarkable, and we are ever so grateful for his support.and sharing his expertise, empathy, and passion with our Family House community!

If you are interested in serving our guests in a similar way, contact Georgie Clemens, Volunteer Director at 919-932-8009 or georgie@secufamilyhouse.org for more information.

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