Volunteer Spotlight: Energy Healing

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For the past several years, Nancy Fountaine has been sharing her specialized form of healing with our guests. Energy Healing is a branch of alternative medicine where healers like Nancy uses light touch and sweeping motions with their hands to clear "physical and emotional debris"; energy that often manifests as pain, stress and inflammation.  Sessions at Family House usually last up to an hour.

Nancy Fountain

“Volunteering at SECU Family House has been a pure joy,” says Nancy.  “The guests who have signed up for energy healing often comment, with surprise, on how good it feels during and after a session.  They may enter the Quiet Room feeling anxious, worried, stressed, etc., but when we are finished, they describe themselves as soothed, calmed, and restored.”

All of our volunteers like Nancy are exceptional - always giving of themselves so selflessly.  As staff, we recognize that we’re able to do our jobs well because of what they give to our guests every day of the year.   And when you or a loved one is going through a serious illness, that moment of calm and restoration goes a long way.  We thank Nancy and ALL our volunteers for the positive impact they have on our guests.


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    There's no way I can deny your argument that energy healing is the perfect procedure to undergo if we're seeking for a better mental health condition. I mean, my sister just got back from a dance workshop where she'll perform in front of thousands of people next month, and she keeps getting nervous because of that. Don't worry, I'm gonna tell her to keep calm and believe in Him, other than referring to an expert regarding the injury he sustained.
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    I’m glad you talked about how that brief period of peace and restoration is very important when you or a loved one is dealing with a serious illness. This will be beneficial for my husband who has been burned and stressed out lately due to his workload. I'll make sure that he reads this article so he can have energy healing for his well-being.

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