Volunteer Spotlight: Meagan Hall

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Our volunteer spotlight for February highlights one of our young kitchen volunteers, Meagan Hall. Meagan grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina but recently moved to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area as a student getting her certification in phlebotomy. She is interested in natural sciences and clinical research and she hopes to work in healthcare once she finishes her degree.

Having an innate love of caring for things and people, Meagan found Family House by seeing one of our postings on volunteermatch.com. Intrigued by our mission and cause, Meagan initially signed up to help with the laundry. When asked about her experience, she says, “I was nervous at first and was afraid I would mess something up, but everyone is so kind and supportive that I feel comfortable in what I am doing now.” When there is not enough laundry, Meagan volunteers in the kitchen and pantry. You can find her walking between the two buildings taking care of a variety of needs and talking with guests, other volunteers and staff.

When asked why young people should consider volunteering at Family House, Meagan shares, “Volunteering teaches you so much as a student. Sometimes students can get tunnel vision, so it’s important to get out of our bubble. I find it calming; it feels like a nice moment to breathe and take a moment to appreciate people and what they go through.”

We are thankful for the wise words and generous servant heart that Meagan shares with us. Family House relies on our volunteers for various essential tasks; Meagan is an integral part of the house and you can be too. To volunteer with Family House, contact Georgie Clemens at georgie@secufamilyhouse.org or (919)932-8009.


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