Volunteer Spotlight: "Part of Something Bigger"

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On Sunday afternoons, Dr. Deborah Jones volunteers at the front desk, checking in the arriving guests, answering the phones, and greeting guests with a caring smile. Serving families at Family House seems like a natural fit with her professional life as an accomplished Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at UNC-Chapel Hill, where her research and clinical practice focus on underserved families.   

Dr. Jones came to us a few months ago after driving past the House and wondering if we needed any help. She had a little extra time on the weekends and wanted to do something that was both meaningful and impactful for the families we serve.

She says the experience that has affected her the most is how guests interact with one another: how they help each other out, leaving gifts, helping with rides, and always willing to share their stories.

"I see how guests when they are in some ways at their worst, they are still kind to one another.  You feel you are part of something bigger."  Volunteering at Family House, she continues, "Gives you perspective - that no matter how bad it is, you can still do something helpful" for families.

All of us at SECU Family House thank Dr. Jones for spending part of her weekends with us. Since January when she started volunteering, nearly 2,000 families have stayed at Family House. We appreciate her perspective and help for families at Family House! 


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