Volunteer Spotlight: Woodruff Warriors

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For the past seven years, the "Woodruff Warriors" have gathered in our kitchen once a month to provide hot and nutritious meals for our guests.

This group of friends is organized – and we do mean organized – by Bob Woodruff, former Family House board president, long-time president of The Cedars of Chapel Hill and current co-chair of our Share the House capital campaign committee.

Woodruff WarriorsEach month Bob sends out a spreadsheet so each “warrior” can sign up to provide something for that month's meal. The friends come to Family House, bags of food in hand, with specific items to prepare. Wearing their Woodruff Warriors aprons, they make a hearty, multi-course home-cooked meal. They, like our other 20 regular meal providers, never disappoint.

You always know when the Woodruff Warriors are in the House. They are a lively group - joking, sharing, always pausing from their tasks to chat with our guests. Guests appreciate the special atmosphere – and so do the volunteers.

In the words of the volunteers:

“It's giving back.”
“It's service to others.”
“It's getting together with old friends and sharing your blessings with others.”
“It makes you realize how much there is a need in providing these hot meals.”
“It helps us understand some of the pain and suffering the guests are going through."

We are all so very thankful and grateful to all the Woodruff Warriors: Bob, Becky, Bill, Jane, Jim, Pam, Roger, Dorothy, Claudia, Pete, Margie, Earl, Margaret, Barb, Jim and their many friends who've chosen to give to Family House in such a significant and meaningful way.


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