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Tuesdays here in Chapel Hill are special indeed. The aromas of fresh baked bread fill the halls of SECU Family house where we are staying. Every Tuesday around 8:30 am, two wonderful women, Donna and Judy volunteer to bake delicious breads and pastries for the guests. Meeting and talking with these two feisty women is almost as fun as sampling their delicious treats. Friends for some time these two kid and joke with each other while kneading the dough or shaping the breads. Their good natured teasing brings laughter from everyone around and lightens the mood of the guests who stay there while receiving medical treatment or caregiving family members in the UNC hospital complex.  Donna has taught bread baking and cooking classes for years and now devotes a few days each week to SECU House. The profits from the cooking classes she teaches at her house and the sale of her bread baking cookbook all go to fund the baking supplies the ladies need to create these wonderful breads. Today’s creations included a shaped almond stuffed ring, cinnamon rolls without the icing( a bone of disagreement between the two bakers) , a chocolate stuffed loaf, a cheddar cheese swirled bread and my favorite, a cranberry nut and seed bread!! Absolutely delicious!! Both my daughter Devon and I sampled every bread this morning (only because we wanted to accurately report on the creations) and we sliced and packed some to bring to Erin!! I love Tuesdays!! 


(reprinted with permission)


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