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“Social distancing?” We prefer “physical distancing with enhanced social connection!"

Despite COVID-19 keeping us physically apart, we’re using technology, coordination, and ingenuity to support one another. In some important ways, we're growing more meaningfully connected now than we were previously on platforms like social media, email, and phone!

This page will be regularly updated as our virtual community grows. 

Former guests are our family. Here are just a few ways we can stay in touch:

  • Keep up with our social media - we always love hearing from you and seeing you cheer on fellow former guests! Just click on the social media links in the right menu of this page. We'll see you there. 
  • We will be hosting an online reunion with a beloved staff member through Zoom, the online sharing platform. We'll let you know the details as soon as we have a date and time. She can't wait to "see" you and hear how you've been!
  • You can send any good news - like photos of how you're staying busy at home or in nature - to our social media manager, Ariyah April, who will share some of these uplifting messages with our online community. Her email address is 

For volunteers, who make this House a true home:

  • Please check in on each other. Your Front Desk, laundry, meal providing, or musical co-volunteer surely misses you right about now! We do have a phone tree happening. Please let Georgie know if you'd like to participate.
  • Send your update to Ariyah, our social media manager, who would love to share your crafting, gardening, hiking or other good news on our Facebook page. Many guests follow our social media and your uplifting message can brighten their day, wherever they are now. Her email address is
  • Georgie Clemens, Volunteer Services Manager, will share any relevant updates with you on Wednesdays. Please contact her at if you aren't already signed up to receive volunteer emails. If you're registered to volunteer at Family House through Volunteer Hub, then you should automatically receive Georgie's Wednesday updates.

Last but not least, our dear donors!

  • Your generosity literally keeps our lights on. The best way you can support our mission is to continue your ongoing financial support to ensure we operate in the fall and in the future as planned. Please become a Foundation Family member; your monthly gift lends us the operational stability that’s more important now than ever.
  • Your donation keeps guest room rates affordable for all 70 guest rooms that will be serving patients and caregivers once the new building is open, doubling the number of families we can serve every day. You can make a gift this very minute online. Thank you for helping others, especially now!
  • Connect with Martha Aldridge ( and Aubry Gales (, our Development Office staff, with any questions, concerns, or ideas for brightening the day!

To our wonderful staff, board members, and community partners: you are sorely missed. Your presence lights up the House, which will feel so empty without you. Please continue to check in and take care of one another until we can be reunited in person. 


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    thanks for the great work!

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