Congratulations to Julie Vozella, 2018 Volunteer of the Year!

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The annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast was held earlier this month at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens. The morning's hilight was the announcement of the 2018 Volunteer of the Year by Director of Volunteer Services Claire Veazey: the winner is Julie Vozella! Julie was one of five finalists who included Betty Hutton, Rosemary Pierce, Ingrid Sztukowski, Ewan Toscano and his job aide, Bruce Dunn.

For many, the award winner was not a surprise. Since we opened our doors 11 years ago Julie has vounteered as a meal coordinator for “The Raquettes” meal team, providing “amazing meals” for our guests twice a month. Julie's fellow volunteers share that “she organizes the monthly dinners so that the rest of us can get our assignments, relax, and focus on enjoying serving the guests.” You can enjoy seeing The Raquettes in our “How to Make a Meal at Family House” video on our website—a didactic video that's sent to all new meal providers as part of their onboarding experience as Family House volunteers.



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