Family House on ABC11

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SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals may have temporarily closed for two months this year to prevent COVID contagion, but with the support of our community partners, staff, and volunteers, we have continued on to fulfill our mission once again! One of our recent guests, Kathy, has brightened up the whole House and made at least one lifelong friend here. She shares, "It's been so tremendous. The staff here is absolutely wonderful. They're some of the nicest people I've ever met." ABC11 visited Family House the first week of August 2020 to create a great newstory that includes Kathy as well as our Executive Director Janice McAdams, House Manager Claudette Whitted, and Volunteer Services Manager Georgie Clemens. Check out the ABC11's story here - it's too good to miss!

Claudette on ABC11


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