Farewell, Ariyah

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We recently bid a fond farewell to Ariyah April, our part-time Marketing Associate. In the all too brief three years that she was with us, she maintained and managed all things related to marketing, branding, messaging and social media. This while maintaining her art and consulting business and a very busy household.

While Ariyah is now working for a company that builds tech ecosystems, her many contributions to Family House will be felt for years.  She not only has left us well-positioned to move forward to our next chapter – a chapter that includes the opening of our 36-room expansion, it was her professionalism, attention to detail, the ability to succinctly put pen to paper what we’re all about, and her heart of gold that have left an indelible mark on all of us.  One that we will always cherish.  Godspeed, dear friend.


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