Guest Spotlight: Laura Clontz

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Family House guest Laura Clontz knows a lot about caring for a loved one. In 2009, her husband died after a courageous battle with kidney cancer. Now, 13 years later, she finds herself in similar circumstances as she cares for her son Luke who is battling liver disease.

When she’s not at her son’s side at UNC Hospitals, Laura can usually be found in the hearth room or in a rocking chair on the front porch writing in her journal, reading the Daily Tar Heel, meditating or speaking with newfound friends. Hailing from Morganton, North Carolina, she’s been staying at Family House since early December 2021.

She’s had a lot of time for reflection and gratitude, thanks in part to her strong faith and the support she receives from her church family. Laura shares that she is very grateful that Luke is getting the best possible medical care and that she can stay in a warm and safe environment, surrounded by a whole lot of people who deeply care about her and Luke’s progress as he recovers from a liver transplant and chronic depression.

When asked what staying at Family House means to her, Laura tells us, “It’s been a privilege to meet other families and to hear their stories. Sometimes it makes your story pale in comparison to what they are going through. I walk the halls here, knowing someone cared enough to sponsor a room and to help someone in need. Family House has shown me what love is all about.”

Having recently been discharged from UNC Hospitals, Luke is now undergoing out-patient care and will likely be here for another month or so. We wish him a full and speedy recovery as he maneuvers the next chapter in his young life. We also look forward to our next visit with Laura when she and Luke return for a follow-up visit – devoted and loving mom for Luke and now friend for life for us. Godspeed to them both.


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    Angie Winn
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    Laura Clontz is such a wonderful person. She always looks for the bright side in any situation. She is beautiful inside and out! I am glad she was able to have a safe place to stay while Luke was in the hospital. Thankful Luke is recovering 🪴we can’t wait to see them come home.
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    Rita Russ
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    As a lifelong friend to Laura & Luke, I am so very appreciative of the warm & welcoming refuge your home has offered them during a very trying time in their life. The love & support of SECU family home staff has truly made all the difference in their journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    Laura Clontz
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    Dear SECU Family House Board and Staff,<br /> <br /> Thank you for your invitation to share my guest experiences at Family House, during my son’s hospitalization at UNC . Both Claudette and Kathy were so very kind to ask me . This has given me the forum to express my deepest thanks and gratitude. I truly give God all the adoration and praise for His grace and love on this long journey of miracles and healing. Without the donor family’s gift , my son Luke , would not be alive today. I go to bed thinking about them and I rise each morning thinking about them . I pray for their hearts and peace daily . <br /> <br /> Our entire family, friends, church and work family, neighbors, our Morganton community and even strangers have supported and surrounded us with their prayers , love, months of help and presence with Luke’s care and advocacy, a prayer vigil, visits, gift cards , light, thoughts, positive energy and such emotional support . We have been incredibly blessed by extraordinary gifts that have lovingly and generously been given to support our daily stay at Family House . We extend our sincere thanks . Our hearts have been touched by an outpouring of daily written correspondence and gifts through the mail, daily calls and texts. <br /> <br /> I have had the privilege to meet and develop warm relationships with all the Family House Managers , Director of Guest Services Associate, the Volunteers, Executive Director, Volunteer Services Manager , Housekeeping and Environmental Services, and Facilities Staff. They make Family House a “home.” They leave no stone unturned to make living here so comfortable, inviting , nurturing and safe . They are a phenomenal group !<br /> <br /> The dinner meals bring guests an opportunity to enjoy nutritious and delicious meals , lovingly prepared by many groups ; several of these are Susan and the Sunshinettes, Bob and the Wooodruf Warriors, UNC Flourish SHAC, Culinary Medicine at UNC-CH, Judy Seagrovea and Friends, Love Serves. Racquettes, WOW, Sherman’s Boys, Durham Tech Culinary Arts, East Chapel HillCulinary Arts Program and Chick-fill-A. <br /> <br /> The front porch, beautiful home and emasculate grounds offer guests the peace and fellowship needed to traverse each family’s circumstances of being here . <br /> <br /> We are all welcomed as new acquaintances with heavy, anxious hearts , but we all leave as friends and with memories of how SECU loves and accepts unconditionally. <br /> <br /> Pray, Trust and Wait for God to do the rest, regardless of the pathway we are all asked to travel . <br /> <br /> Thank you Family House.
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    Susan and David Pollpeter
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    Thank you for this inspirational story about the miracles of God 's grace, a mother's love, a church's support, and a healthcare center committed to excellent, compassionate care for its patients and their families!
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    Susan and David Pollpeter
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    Thank you for this inspirational story about the miracles of God 's grace, a mother's love, a church's support, and a healthcare center committed to excellent, compassionate care for its patients and their families!
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    Laura you are such a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out. You have inspired me in so many way. You have such a giving heart and are their for others. I see you in this time of your need being so strong and keeping the Faith. We do serve a mighty God. I am so greatful and happy to see how far Luke has come. I am praying for the both of you daily. ❤
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    Libby Eubanks
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    I stayed at SECU Family House in 2019 when my Husband was airlifted to UNC Chapel Hill. This house is an awesome place for family’s of patients in the hospital. The caring staff and other family’s make the stay a good experience. I will always be great full for the care and hospitality I received !
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    Vicki Lane
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    Laura is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She always thinks of others, offering support, love, and friendship. I am so grateful to Family House for providing a place for her to stay so she could be by Luke's side during his hospital and outpatient stay. Laura's light shines through all she does and to all she meets. If you haven't met her yet, I hope you get the opportunity. Your life will be forever blessed by this strong woman of faith. Thank you again Family House. Blessings to all who provide care and comfort, and continued prayers for Laura and Luke. ❤🙏

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