Guest Spotlight: Paying It Forward

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Family HouseWe feel incredibly fortunate that after our guests check-out of Family House, many of them become donors. Such is the case with former guest Lorraine Hall of Lancaster, South Carolina. Four years ago she and her dear husband, Edward, stayed here while he underwent cancer treatment at UNC Health.  Sadly, Edward has since passed; Lorraine has stayed in touch with us since then.

Earlier in 2020, Lorraine donated to our annual fund, which helps cover our daily operating costs, in a "former guest giving challenge." Her gift carried a lot of meaning for all of us because her stay here meant so much to her and her beloved Edward. She included a note with her check describing how, when they first arrived at Family House, they felt a little scared, not knowing if they had enough personal funds to cover their stay. And yet, “after ten minutes, all my fears were gone," read the rest of Lorraine's note. "I felt so much love. I felt like I was at home. We had plenty to eat and the comfort of home. God bless you for the good work you do.”

In this particularly stressful time in the world, we are reminded daily of the inner goodness of so many and the grace that follows when our guests are going through a serious illness. We thank Lorraine for her generous heart during these unprecedented times.


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