May 2022 edition of Family House eNews

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  From the Desk of SECU Family House Executive Director, Janice McAdams

61 rooms filled last night! With the addition of Pine’s 35 rooms, we are consistently able to keep our occupancy above 60 rooms. There is much to celebrate about saying ‘yes’ when the phone rings and a future hospital patient calls asking for a place to stay. I’ve been thinking of our occupancy lately and the image of a watch face keeps coming to mind, simply it tells time: 60 rooms occupied.  Take off that covering and you see all of the incredible mechanisms that overlap and interconnect: making sure new guests are coming into prepared rooms, cleaning and washing every vacated room,  folding sheets and towels so they are ready each morning, running the dishwashers daily so they are ready for meal team utensils as they clean up, and repairing/painting empty rooms, and so much more. Continued....

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