Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Hubble

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When you think of the phrase “eager beaver” it may bring about thoughts of someone who is up for anything. Or perhaps it draws images of someone prepared for a certain task. The definition of an “eager beaver” from the dictionary is listed as "a person who is extremely zealous about performing duties and volunteering for more." If Webster Merriam had pictures of what an eager beaver would look like, you just might see our newest front desk volunteer Andrea Hubble.

Andrea hails from Long Island and comes from a family of 6 kids. She has two grown kids and a husband who is a pilot for a large shipping company. She and her family relocated to Wilmington in 2000 where she was active as a mom, preschool teacher, and volunteer. She later relocated to the Chapel Hill area and discovered yet another talent: Expert organizer. Her company is called “Tidy Trails” and she organizes all kinds of spaces for her clients. She knew she would be good at this because her kids and husband would come home regularly to re-organized couches, chairs, and furniture. Many times, they would have to ask where she put things; she was constantly moving items around!

Once her kids were out of the house, she realized it was time to give back. She heard about Family House from Weekend House Manager John Belcher and was intrigued by the mission. She reached out and volunteered her time. You will find her at the front desk at various times during the week. Her infectious smile and drive to give back to others are life-giving to all those she meets.

One of her favorite things about Family House is the welcoming volunteer team that has embraced her.

When asked why others should volunteer at Family House, Andrea wisely states that “Life is not complete without giving to others. It comes back to you three-fold. Volunteering is almost like my self-care time and it fills up my cup”. Surely everyone needs more self-care time, so why not volunteer at Family House yourself? We love eager beavers and love to keep them busy!

If you are interested in volunteering as part of our team, please contact Georgie Clemens at 919-932-8009.


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