Volunteer Spotlight: Lynne Jacobs

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There is satisfaction in doing simple tasks which add up to the larger mission we have at SECU Family House.  This mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, affordable home for patients and their loved ones who travel great distances to UNC Hospitals for life-saving procedures and serious illnesses.

This is part of the reason Lynne Jacobs, one of our laundry volunteers, finds meaning in volunteering at Family House.

A native of Michigan, Lynne’s previous life had her working as a psychiatric social worker and instructor of behavioral science at a Detroit hospital.  While this was worthwhile and interesting work, Lynne retired early in 1999 and relocated to Chapel Hill after visiting a good friend.  Not only did she and her husband love Chapel Hill, but she found her niche in volunteering at Family House, the Chapel Hill Service League, and most recently as the President of P.E.O. International, an organization that supports the education of women through scholarships, awards, loans, and stewardship.   

Lynne started working the front desk at Family House over 10 years ago, but after her husband’s unexpected death, she decided to do something smaller with greater meaning for her.  She found that meaning in folding laundry, of all things!  She met Carmen Woodruff, another laundry volunteer, and a great friendship started.  She has been folding laundry ever since.

When asked about why she volunteers at Family House, Lynne states, “There is a satisfaction of doing something simple, yet much appreciated as well as meeting patients and volunteers.  There is a variety of interaction with people that makes it fun.”

Doing the little things ensures a safe and welcoming House for our guests and can also add a lot of intangible gifts that ripple through the House.  It is important to keep in mind that small simple acts of service start to add up and play a significant role in realizing the full potential of the best of Family House.  Volunteers like Lynne, help us do that through her selfless acts of volunteerism and we are so grateful for her and others like her.  

If you are interested in volunteering at Family House in any capacity, please contact Georgie Clemens at 919-932-8009. 


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    God bless this dear lady and all the other volunteers! My parents are currently staying at Family House because my brother is a heart patient. Thank you and my God richly bless you!

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