Volunteer Spotlight: Pamela Tudrym

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“Volunteering is one of the best measures for the health of society because it tells us how involved and how invested people are in their communities.  When you volunteer, you’re not waiting for someone else to improve life in your community – you’re taking matters into your own hands.  We see the promise of our country through the contributions of individuals coming together to solve problems, help others, and advance the common good.”  -Dan Cardinali

No one embodies this quote better than our newest full-time volunteer, Pamela Tudrym.  This enthusiastic mom of three and grandmother of eight loves to spend time with her grandkids - from taking them to Outback Steakhouse for dinner to teaching them how to bake bread.  

Prior to her retirement, Pamela served students with disabilities in public school systems in Massachusetts, Florida, and North Carolina.  Most recently, she worked as a teacher's assistant and job coach for kids with disabilities at Carrboro High School.  She loved teaching life skills such as how to make coffee, manage a kitchen, ride the transit busses, and much more.  She found joy in watching young people grow in knowledge and confidence. 

Once retired, Pamela began looking for a new way to volunteer and found her way to Family House a few months ago.  She started folding laundry almost every day and loved the social aspect of it.  Always up for anything, Pamela then decided to assist another volunteer in making homemade applesauce for guests as well as her own homemade cookies and muffins.  Our guests love her sweet treats, especially after a long day at the hospital. 

When asked about her favorite thing about Family House, Pamela states, “I love the atmosphere when you walk through the door. Everyone is so grateful and welcoming.”  Pamela comes to Family House to solve problems, help others in need, and in her small way, advances the good that happens every day here at Family House.  When asked why others should volunteer at Family House, Pamela wisely says, “Why not? There is a whole world here you don’t know about, plus, it makes you feel young!” 

To join Pamela and others as they volunteer at Family House, please contact our Volunteer Services Manager, Georgie Clemens, at georgie@secufamilyhouse.org or (919)932-8009


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