Volunteer Spotlight: The Georges

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GeorgesWe cannot say it often enough: we have the best volunteers here at Family House! They are truly the heart of our home and a huge reason why the house operates so seamlessly day after day. Their skill sets are unmatched as they share their heart and soul with everyone who walks through our doors: guests, staff, and visitors are all greeted with open arms.

The husband and wife team of George and Carol George epitomize the very best of volunteerism. For the past several years, George has been going to Trader Joe’s to pick up donated groceries and then dropping them off at the House. Asked what he likes about volunteering, he shares that Family House performs its mission "with grace.” Here, we together help “people get through a time of unimaginable stress.” He goes on to tell us that he enjoys going on the Trader Joe’s runs because he knows that what he’s doing is “putting something into the hands of the guests. The focus here is on the people being served.”

Carol has assumed a number of volunteer jobs over the last seven years. She’s worked the Front Desk, performing a number of vital tasks. Her prior work as an IT project manager for Bristol-Myers Squib has served us well. She has consulted with our Operations Director on a number of tech-related projects. What Carol finds the most satisfying about her volunteer work here are all the people she interacts with. She shares, “it’s never boring since you’re dealing with people on the phone, at the Front Desk, giving tours, and answering lots of questions.”

CarolWe thank Carol, George and all of our amazing volunteers for all that they do at Family House. Theirs is an unparalleled commitment to our mission of providing a “safe nurturing, affordable home for patients and their loved ones.”


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