Volunteer Spotlight: The Right Fit

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TeresaThe reasons people volunteer are many and will vary person to person. What we do know is that when you find the right fit as a volunteer, you'll enrich the lives of others and your life will be made better by the experience.

SECU Family House volunteers come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and professions. Some have real life experience of loved ones or family members battling life-threatening illnesses, while others quietly work in a field that makes the health of those struggling with an illness a priority.

One of our newest volunteers fits that background. Our new Wednesday night Front Desk volunteer, Teresa Perschy, recently came to volunteer at Family House after hearing about what we do from volunteer Estelle Bousquert. Teresa’s day job is working for Bavarian Nordic as one of their clinical project leaders. Bavarian Nordic is a company focused on the development and manufacture of lifesaving vaccines. So Teresa is a project manager by day, but at night she joins the volunteer force here at Family House and we are so glad she did.

In addition to her busy work schedule, Teresa is the mother of three sons and the wife of John, for 29 years now. She loves to walk her dogs, eat healthy, and volunteer at her church. In fact, she's so well known around her church community that they nicknamed her “Mother Teresa” for all the good she does for others. A Tennessee native and die-hard Duke fan, Teresa can usually be found watching football with one of her sons, hiking on a trail, or working on a landscaping project in her yard.

When asked what she likes most about Family House, Teresa shares how she loves working with the staff and guests: “Everyone is so friendly here and the community is great."

We all contribute to the construction of the world we live in. And we're thankful that we're in Teresa’s world because her contribution makes Family House a special place for everyone she comes in contact with.

If you are interested in volunteering at Family House like Teresa, please contact Volunteer Manager Georgie Clemens at georgie@secufamilyhouse.org.  We will find the right fit for your talents and interests!


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