Volunteer Spotlight: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

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Volunteer GroupWe're so touched that many of our guests stay in touch after returning home from their treatment at UNC Health. Over the years, this has come in many moving forms, like sending over kind cards, mailing in donations, preparing a meal, posting on our Facebook page, stopping by for a visit, or giving us a warm phone call. As evidenced by their actions, we know Family House continues to make a positive impact on so many families who stay here.

DonationSuch is the case with Phillip and Beverly LuSane. A three-time cancer survivor and two-time bone marrow transplant recipient, Phillip stayed as a guest for several weeks along with his wife Beverly. Wanting to give back, they recently organized a supply drive with the youth group from their church, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Aimee Jones, our Volunteer Services Assistant, was present to receive the donation and to give these amazing, compassionate young folks a tour of the house.  

Phillip shared that he’s been in remission for years, thankfully, and organizing this supply drive was their way of showing gratitude for Family House “being there for them in their time of need.” It’s our hope that Phillip remains in remission. We also thank him, Beverly, and the youth of their church for keeping us in their thoughts by making this gracious and appreciated donation!


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